Branching out to Veterans to Ensure Educational Success

What We Do


A IRS Registered 501C3 organization who provides a bridge that connects veterans, service members, and their family members to resources in order to facilitate their success in post-secondary or higher education.


Textbook Assistance Program

In effort to ensure that veterans have every opportunity to succeed, Combat2College's Textbook Assistance Programs (TAPS) bridge the gap for veterans by providing grants for textbooks and supplies not covered under the GI Bill. In addition, Combat2College takes donations of textbooks and re-distributes them to veterans in need of those particular textbooks.

Backpack Campaign

We’ve got your back! Combat2College’s commitment to helping veterans reach their educational goals begins on day one. Our Backpack Campaign provides veterans with everything needed to hit the ground running on the first day of class. With the goal of sending veterans off on their new academic journey confident and prepared, we’ve done the legwork and gathered the materials needed for success. Each backpack is filled with general school supplies—such as paper, pens, pencils, and folders—as well as hundreds of dollars in coupons and discounts donated by local businesses. The Campaign also affords us the opportunity to let veterans know all the ways in which Combat2College is working for them. Not only does each backpack contain a list of all the services we have to offer, but it will also serve as a reminder that they won’t have to take on this new mission alone. Whether a veteran just needs a pen, or some motivation and encouragement, Combat2College has got it covered!

Executive Team

Brad Ross
Brad Ross
Executive Director
AJ Schlegel
AJ Schlegel
Deputy Exceutive Director
Dean Moore
Dean Moore
Chief Financial Officer
Nathan Rey
Nathan Rey
Development Executive Vice President
Scott Ross
Scott Ross
Communications Executive Vice President
Monica Toledo
Monica Toledo
Operations Executive Vice-President
Micheal Beeson
Micheal Beeson
Special Projects Executive Vice-President

Board of Directors

  • Kevin Cobbin - Chairman
  • Brad Ross
  • AJ Schlegel
  • Lindsay Head
  • Hollie Stephens
  • Kristen Salameh


Allan (AJ) Schlegel and Brad Ross founded Combat2College in the winter of 2012 at a college in Jacksonville, Florida. The program was designed to help with the retention of veterans in the classroom and college. During the first few months, it was quickly noted that the resources needed were beyond the budget of the college. In order to address the needs of the veteran students, Combat2College was born into a Florida Nonprofit in April of 2013. The organization has held small events throughout the city of Jacksonville to support the need of textbooks, grants, and mentorship of the veterans. On May 20, 2014, the Internal Revenue Service granted Combat2College, Inc 501c3 tax-exempt status.

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